Urbanism in Barcelona

Look up from your tapas and watch the flow of people—neighbors, tourists, artists and peddlers—stroll down the Rambla. They disappear down the metro to resurface in some vibrant plaza or hillside neighborhood, climbing stairs to high-ceilinged apartments with views over this walkable metropolis. Barcelona, celebrated as a model for contemporary urbanism, architecture, and landscape, is also a city with innovative housing models, strong community identities and a long history of activism.

For four weeks every summer, David’s students explore the relationship between urbanism, community, and housing—examining Barcelona’s history, planning models, housing policies, and grass-roots activism. With the city as a classroom, learning happens through daily field trips, guest lectures, design projects, and conversations at sidewalk cafes, where we will learn, synthesize, and apply knowledge to actual places in this Mediterranean city.

Students can receive credit for upper-division courses in community development or landscape architecture. No prerequisites are required to enroll.

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About ddlp

I am a professor, architect, community designer, and activist. I live in Davis, CA and teach landscape architecture and community development at UC Davis.

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