City Tree Nursery

A four acre site sits mostly unused in the middle of suburban South Sacramento. Owned by the City of Sacramento, it was once the site of its Tree Nursery before the city stopped growing its own street and park trees. This project envisioned a new use for the site, in keeping with its original mission but evolving to help catalyze an emergent movement for urban agriculture in Sacramento-an urban agriculture resource hub, demonstration gardens, materials yard, composting center and community gathering space.

This project evolved out of work done within a Permaculture Design Course taught by Toby Hemenway in Sacramento in 2014-2015. The working group consisted of Michelle Ranieri, Sarah Barnes, Dawn Perri, Mallory Russell, Todd McPherson, Jehfree Spirit, and David de la Peña. City representatives have used this plan to advance initiatives to create an urban agriculture center in the spirit of this proposal.